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About the Artist - Paul Vincenti

Paul Vincenti has been creating beautiful images for over 38 years.

Paul’s first professional art show was in 1979. Displaying works in oils, acrylics, and watercolors, he enjoyed cruising the outdoor art show circuit around Florida for a few years.

At this time Paul unknowingly became a “pioneer” of sorts in the field of face and body painting, applying his airbrush, hand-made stencils, and other skills to the street and painting more than 200 people in three years.  In 1984 photography was added to the mix, as his knowledge of lighting, camera, and darkroom techniques had come to bloom.

This hard earned skill presented him with the opportunity to move to Hawaii.

Paul became a contributing editor and photographer for Hawaii magazine, photographing the swimsuit issues for three years. Tough work, but somebody had to do it!

He also widened the appeal of his airbrushed face and body painting, which he had developed in Ventura, California, and now painted locals and celebrities alike for more than five years on the North Shore and in Waikiki.

In 1989 Paul moved back to Florida, where he continued his creating with a new multimedia series and learned how to use large format cameras and tricky studio lighting techniques.

During 1994-1999 he combined his talents into a single work.  Paul wrote and produced "Something Strange," a rock opera with a corresponding multimedia web site.   An homage to old Hammer horror films, "Something Strange" included all original music, art, and animation, and can currently be enjoyed at

Paul enthusiastically reintroduced himself to oil painting in 2001.  His landscapes and botanicals took the limelight in the outdoor circuit and in galleries, while his Muses graced the convention arena.

In 2010, he painted a huge mural at a private residence.  At a rate equivalent to producing one 30"x40" painting per hour, this rare improvisational acrylic work is equivalent to 150 paintings.

He is no stranger to art performances, and has painted many times at Orlando's finest music and art venue, "The White House," home of the Timucua Arts Foundation.

The foundation presents fabulous musicians and artists doing what they do "LIVE

Here is a link if you want to attend, donate or just check it out

Here’s Paul painting live to the magnificent piano of Jamila Tekkali:


Paul's works have continued to be added to private collections across the globe.

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